Party Wall Surveyors

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Boundaries between neighbouring properties are often a source of tension, particularly when construction work needs to be carried out. The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 has been in force since July 1997 and defines a building owner's rights with regard to any building, alteration or repair work to walls between neighbouring properties.

It also protects the interests of an adjoining owner during, and as a result of any such work, through the adoption of procedures to notify them of the intention to undertake work.

The appointment of a Party Wall Surveyor is mandatory once a dispute has arisen between the parties who may agree on the appointment of one Agreed Surveyor, which can save time and costs, or alternatively they may each appoint their own Surveyor.

The Surveyors are required to act impartially, and not for the advantage of the owner appointing them. It is therefore important to ensure that the role is performed separately to any other professional services for an owner. The building owner will usually be responsible for the settlement of all fees.

We can provide advice on the application of the Party Wall etc. Act and are able to act as Party Wall Surveyors, for either the building or adjoining owner, and prepare Awards and Schedules of Condition where necessary.