CDM Advisor

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The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 place duties on all participants in the construction process, including the Client, to ensure that health and safety is managed and co-ordinated from inception to completion. Clients duties include:

  • Overall responsibility for the management of the project
  • Selecting other duty holders with the appropriate skills and experience
  • Appointing a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor for most projects and ensuring they carry our their duties
  • Providing designers and contractors with relevant information
  • Notifying the HSE, where required.
  • Ensuring welfare facilities and a Construction Phase Plan are provided before construction commences

With over 20 years involvement in the delivery of Planning Supervisor and CDM Co-ordinator services we are able to assist Clients, in meeting their duties by acting as their CDM Advisors, through:

  • Advising on management arrangements and developing a written Client brief.
  • Assessment of proposed duty holders to advise on their skills and experience for the specific project
  • Working with the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor and carrying our audits, including site inspections, to ensure they are meeting their duties under the regulations
  • Assisting in the compilation of pre-construction information
  • Notifying the HSE, where required.
  • Review of welfare facilities and Construction Phase Plan prior to the commencement of construction
  • Review of Health & Safety File