BIM (Building Information Management)


We have successfully delivered projects to Level 2 BIM including the use of a federated model combining the architectural, structural and services models and experienced the benefits it brings in terms of sustainability, cost efficiency and communication. Our BIM services include:

  • Provision of BIM Execution Plan and Protocols
  • Full design & co-ordination including maintenance of federated model
  • Sharing of model with all team members using Autodesk A360
  • 3D visualisations
  • Clash Rendition

We use Autodesk Revit as our standard design software and all but the most minor projects are now delivered as a 3D model that can be shared and co-ordinated with the design team, ensuring a collaborative approach to project delivery.

Collaboration requires the electronic sharing of large size files and we have invested in a fibre optic broadband connection to handle this process more effectively.  We have an extranet portal that can be used for information exchange, with the system being successfully used on numerous projects for over 5 years.

Recognising that we cannot deliver a BIM project without an integrated design team who are also able to participate we have also established a supply of M&E consultants, structural engineers etc. who are also have the capability to work in BIM.