Toilets Modernisation - Neston

The existing toilets were in poor condition and the school had identified that there were issues with petty vandalism and some pupils not using them due to fears of bullying.

The brief required that the toilets be refurbished to a modern standard and be vandal resistant whilst avoiding a “prison” look with the materials specified.  The design also needed to address the issue of bullying.

The solution involved a radical re-design of the toilet layout to create a central area containing a trough wash sink that could be monitored from the corridor, removal of urinals and provision of fully enclosed toilet cubicles with communal spaces that could be passively supervised.

Pupils were fully engaged in the design process and the selection of the colour schemes to be adopted.

The works were carried out during term time and temporary toilets were provided to ensure that facilities were maintained throughout.


David Trowler Associates were appointed Lead Consultant and provided the following services:

Lead Consultant.

Obtaining statutory approvals including building regulations

Preparation of detailed drawings and specifications

Project Management

Contract Administration

CDM Co-ordination